About Aftab Real Estate Limited
Bangladesh is experiencing a huge influx of people everyday. The skyline is changing and the structures are evolving to a new generation. The people of our beloved country are thriving for good living everyday. So, the search for a better living is a growing need everyday. Considering all these factors, it is the time to seek for the best and appropriate solution to better living. Our venture is planned to contribute solving this problem. We have concentrated on the locality first. A good location with a desired neighborhood promises the beginning of a better life style. Our selection of site is always the prime consideration.

Our second point of consideration is planning. A well planned and well organized home with the entire contemporary requirement is carefully planned and executed in our each and every project. Even in the commercial development, we try to put out utmost effort to achieve the best possible plan for our beloved customers.

Construction and furnishing materials are another major consideration. In the field of execution, for maintaining quality we never compromise to anything. Our structures are built with the best affordable materials and furnished with the most adorable furnishings. Finally the client services, we just don't sell apartments, but we grow our family everyday! Every client is a member of our large happy family. For every reason and any reason, we are ready to render services to our honored clients. With all this solemn vows and honest mission, we are determined to create the difference between construction and creation.

In the emerging shape of the capital city of Dhaka's present urban outlook and life style. Aftab Real Estate Limited is the name of belief that has already marked its success as one of the distinct Real Estate Company in the horizon of Real Estate business in Bangladesh. Success is its pride and satisfaction is its pillar. It promises the essence of time and best quality within the reach of the urban dwellers.

Aftab Group Started Journey as one of the pioneer within the country back in 1980. Standing in 2010, we have added another significant concern in the name of Aftab Real Estate Limited.

Aftab Real Estate Limited is credited with introducing and pioneering the revolutionary concept of developing commercial complexes in the vicinity of residential areas.

Aftab Real Estate Limited is working with its efficient team of Architects, Engineers, Corporate Staffs and experienced Management Body. The success in their past achievements and their trend of involving better comprehension in configuring the needs and aspirations of urban home dwellers leading the company.

The objective of “Aftab Real Estate Limited” is to handover the project in time maintaining the highest possible construction quality and earns profit through the best customer satisfaction. Our objective is based on the following ideas:

  • Committed to maintain highest possible quality
  • Committed to handover in time
  • Committed to give best customer satisfaction
  • Committed to make a "Beautiful Tomorrow."

Our Corporate Ethics is “Remain committed to all commitment”.